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About Us.

Excel is the Marketplace section of ( a brand powered by YAASUM ). We bring this platform for our instructors to collaborate and share their knowledge to a global community and learners get benefits from a much wider community of instructors. This platform will benefit both students, learners as well as educators in collaborating and easily getting the courses online at their convenience, while instructors can upload their courses and monetize them with full control on their course shop thus enabling them benefits to earn as well as learn better ways of imparting their knowledge at their own convenience and location to reach out a wider community of learners and educators.

We are a young age startup who have been working towards creating a multimarket service platform which can be affordable as well as diversified. This segment will also be integrated with YAASUM applications ( IOS and Android ) which will help our teachers to share their knowledge to a much wider community.


Our Approach to Future

To Create a convenient, easy to use, affordable as well as diversified service based tech enabled spaces for learners as well as educators.

@ your own schedule

Learn as well as Educate at your convenient timings.

@ your own skillset

Learn as well as Educate any & every skills you want

@ your own pace

Learn as well as educate at your own pace & growth.

@ your own reach

Learn as well as Educate the community version of success

The Art Of The Smile

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. –  Benjamin Franklin

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. – Aristotle

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. – John Dewey

They know enough who know how to learn. – Henry Adams

Teach & Learn the latest skills.

Education is not only in books, it's everywhere and it's as natural as Land, Air and Ocean. Get the skills ready platform to create and upgrade.

Do you believe future will be collaborative knowledge & sharing skills?

Create Success

Teachers show directions, Paths are created by YOU !!!

Keep Moving

If you move small steps, Big Futures welcomes YOU !!!

Lead Destiny

Failures are best lessons to create Destiny for YOU !!!


GolGolGolu ( ) is the Education Wing of YAASUM ( ). GolGolGolu aims to create services and products in the field of education and learning which not only delivers education but also creates an AIM for everyone, may it be the learner, instructor, education specialists or even the most common person who wants to learn and make learning a daily routine as a constant part of life. We believe that education is something which has no start and no end. Education itself is a PERSONALITY which is very natural and binds the whole world together


Teach from Anywhere

Teaching is a skill and when that becomes your profession, it creates amazing experiences. Online Learning environment gives you to deliver your skills from the comfort of your place


Ease of Use

Easy to create your course shop directly from frontend. Easy to modify, brand, monetize, display, advertise and unlimited hosting.


Ownership of your Store

We give complete ownership of your store so that you can create as many courses and have full freedom to create your offers, promotions, social networking, communications, full featured dashboard to display each and every activity of your store.


Market Ready

Your courses not only benefits your own learners but also help global audience. Since this service is created under Yaasum, it's fully integrated with YAASUM applications ( IOS & Android ). Yaasum itself is a multimarket application, this it enables you to deliver your courses to an existing batch of learners.


!! We Believe !!


YAASUM ( creators of GolGolGolu ) aim to create learning as a part of daily routine in everyone's life. Learning is already an essential wing of our life which we get everywhere right from birth from Parents, Friends, Schools, Nature, Relatives. however we utilize only what we need. Learning never dies and it never takes birth, it just helps you when you actually need it. May it be failures or success, your learnings never leave you isolated. We strive to create a learning centric spaces which uses latest tools and technologies and help delivering it through a Local & Global Model.


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Increased Visibility

Being on Yaasum means being every where. Your teaching skills can get a ready made multimarket platform which will have a variety of learners from different backgrounds.

Easy Availability

Learners as well as Teachers can be available using the mobile app from anywhere, anytime.

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